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Understand, heal and connect to your feminine essence to awaken the wild woman within

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This is a 45 day course including ancient sacred practice to heal, awaken and connect with your sacred sexuality.

  • 8 video modules with worksheets

  • How to process energetically and emotionally by yourself in a safe way

  • Healing sexual trauma and physical yoni pain

  • Feminine pleasure and sacred orgasms

  • Initiation into sex and self pleasure magic

  • Access to sacred practices for a lifetime

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One

  • 2

    Module Two

    • Overcoming sexual shame and sexual trauma

    • Overcoming sexual shame and sexual trauma (worksheet)

    • Meditation

    • Sexually transmitted infections

  • 3

    Module Three

    • Connecting with the womb and sex centre in a sacred healthy way

    • Connecting with the womb and sex centre in a sacred healthy way (worksheet)

  • 4

    Module Four

    • Understanding your moon cycle / menstrual cycle (worksheet)

    • Understanding your moon cycle / menstrual cycle

    • Menstrual magic and why ritual is so potent

    • Female menstrual cycle ovulation process and hormone levels

    • Menstrual map

  • 5

    Module Five

    • Unexplainable pains, illness or reoccurring conditions

    • Yoni anatomy & Yoni pain

  • 6

    Module Six

    • What is intimacy and why is it so important?

    • Journaling Exercise

    • Healthy Communication

    • Partner/lover eye gazing meditation

    • Partner meditation

  • 7

    Module Seven

    • Creating Boundaries

    • Creating boundaries

    • Wheel of consent

  • 8

    Module Eight

    • Orgasm

    • Orgasms & Pleasure

    • Massage - yoni and lingam

  • 9


    • Closing video

"Thank you for bringing me back to life"

by Patriza P

Thanks with all my heart for guiding me through a very open hearted journey and for bringing me back to life. My whole body is still working so deeply within every cell, my mind is getting quieter and my soul is home again. Thanks for your amazing energy and passion Chelsea, and thanks for filling my journey with insight, love and compassion.

"I feel so light"


I contacted Chelsea and the main reason was the amount of noticeable fear that had been creeping up inside of me though I had been trying to hard to suppress it. Chelsea didn't just help me shift that, realising this fear had developed as a child and was latching onto anything else it could right now, but deep womb pain I had been holding for years. Incredible what came up and how we released this! I feel so light, and this shift is walking with me everyday.

"I have met myself for the first time"

I cannot find thee words to describe my healing with Chelsea. First time in my life I forgave myself, I felt the Devine in me and I can see myself clearer now. It is like I have met myself for the first time. Thank you so much!

"My world will never be the same"

I came to you feeling so stuck and blocked.. I released so much during our healing and then some more and now its like a veil is finally lifting and things are so much clearer. I have so much more peach and I love how deeply connected you are to this world, mother earth and to spirit. Thank you for your sincere love and care for humanity.. you are so special and an angel on earth.

Lets connect!

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